The  effort  to  maintain  Puerto  Aventuras  as  an  integrated  community  will  soon  bring  benefits  that  no  other  resort  may  offer.

We must keep in mind that maintaining management of our resort means that anyone stepping out of their property is still in common private ground in which he has opinion and vote.

Now imagine that the whole resort,   is there for your enjoyment as if it were a grand scale hotel where you reside.    Play golf,  breakfast at  the beach club, go diving or play tennis, dinner  on the water edge at the Marina,  a day for fishing  and shopping in the afternoon;  weekends  to spend at the park, swim the cenotes and  caleta.

We had to wait for fiber optics,  the cloud and underground net happening today to create a personal passport for every owner, resident or visitor.

Your Personal Passport will be a personalized card with photograph and chip to transmit and receive information.   It will be available before December 2018 and will serve as:

1- Personal identification, with code indicating your participation in the community ( owner, resident, visitor, other )

2- Automatic access at main gate and private areas or sections where you have business and are allowed.

3- Welcome to infrastructure like beach and yacht club, golf tennis, and others.

4- Discounts in services at all installations of the resort including restaurants, bars and boutiques on the Marina.

5- Charge to your credit card. ( Beginning January 2019 )

Visitors will be granted a similar cardboard temporary passport ( no photo ) stating dates of arrival and departure as well as areas allowed to access.

Employees and construction workers will wear a color band in their wrist with a bar code for automatic access and registration.



Our Master Plan clearly separates private residential areas from those common activity centers.   Our privacy will not be affected, all installations remain for the use of owners and residents who will have the option for quiet days in their own surroundings or stepping out to   participate in activities.     For these occasions, you will assume a great number of possibilities   to which you have access, discounts and special treatment.

When our families visit, there will be less need to drive and spend the day far from home and keeping them active will create interest to return.