Puerto Aventuras May 2023


Puerto Aventuras has entered its last phase as a Real Estate Venture and will now focus all efforts on perfecting operation for the benefit of our Community.    In preparation for this new stage Mr. Agustín Sarasola is now the new Director for Puerto Aventuras taking the place of Román Rivera Torres who will continue in and for Puerto from his seat in the Fideicomiso Board of Directors.          This addition will refresh our operation with additional services and attractive amenities to our way of life.

In answer to the accelerated growth of Puerto Aventuras from a small Community into a Residential destination, Colonos´ signed agreement with ¨Associa¨ to become our new administrator under the leadership of the Board of Directors.       ¨Associa¨ is a well-known international company dedicated to managing communities like ours.    This important addition will help institutionalize information, personal attention and general management in benefit to our way of life.