POST 180

Puerto Aventuras May 5th, 2023

An Optimistic View

We are grateful to see the great participation at our Colonos´ Assembly, with participation of over 160 residents present.   An important participation was expected due to the recent fusion of the two Associations, which generated important efforts for transparency in information. 

An occasion to confirm plans and go full speed ahead, turned into a moment of learning and adapting.    The growth of Puerto Aventuras and its population from small Community into a destination, requires an institutional operation by professional hands under the vigilance of our Board of Directors.

We are conscious after our Assembly that one of our priorities will be an adequate and clear communication of our information.    Beginning with day by day interest of our community all the way to presentation of plans and budgets to generate certitude of our situation today and help us in going forward with majority support.

We will soon call for an extraordinary assembly to approve the audited financial statements for 2022 as well as the budget for 2023.  Our hopes will be for general acceptance to prevent detriment to our security and general maintenance going back to minimal services that will not fulfill the needs of our community.  We will soon inform of the activities that would have to be cancelled if budgets are not approved.

The inertia of Puerto Aventuras will continue.   The proposed plans for a better way of life and increase in our patrimony will surely find approval in our next presentation happening soon.   Puerto Aventuras is considered to be an integrated community safe and consolidated through the years based on the common efforts of ¨ Colonos and Developer¨.

We consider and hope for this continuous effort with the additional input of Associa as new administrator for Colonos, supervised by our Board of Directors and Fideicomiso Puerto Aventuras as the Developer.