POST 184                                                                                                            Puerto Aventuras May 17th 2023


The growth of tourism to the Mexican Caribbean in past years and the aftermath of the pandemic have brought enormous benefits to Puerto Aventuras making it the most desirable Community today.     Higher demand added to the fact that we have entered the last phase of development have reflected on an important increase of values to our properties as well as traffic and economical flow to our Resort.

Resorts invest enormous amounts of money and effort in creating the recognition that Puerto has today.   It is a time of opportunity to be seized, and capitalized in our favor.     Higher values come with sophisticated requirements, high quality services and diversity of attractions.    Achieving these goals is a task we have placed in the hands of the Association representing our interests.    In order for the Association to accomplish this, they rely on our participation through the payment of our fees.   

Colonos is two years behind in adapting our fees to a 15% inflation showing today a deficit of $5 million pesos to our balance.     When increasing that percentage to cover past deficit, an additional 8% will have to be added to prevent a new deficit by higher cost of living.    New requirements due to expansion of our Resort, growth of our population and new services and attractions require additional expenses in security and maintenance.    Therefore, the figure of 25% increase to be presented in our next Assembly is a must to maintain our standards and ride with the opportunity presented to us.   

Although a figure of 25%  may be seen as an aggressive measure, it is important to do the numbers and see our final figures  as a measured cost compared to the benefits we receive.       It is also important to compare and become aware that any other similar resort in the area demands higher fees with fewer benefits.

As part of this exercise we should ask ourselves if we want efficient security and response to our calls, respect of regulations among neighbors and construction activities,  gate control to guarantee our privacy, clean sargassum free beach, well cared of recreational areas for family and personal activities on demand such as pickleball today  ….  and many more.

The opportunity to increase value of our property and better living standards for our family in a growing Community calls for your participation supporting Colonos providing the means to fulfill our expectations.