To be located on a land where not a single stone had been placed over another by man, the opportunity to create a model community became a challenge and a goal. To accomplish this basic premises were established: Autonomy, Integrity, Security, Privacy and Regulations.

Different from other developments Puerto Aventuras invested the same effort in creating our residential and touristic community to establish a ¨poblado¨ for workers with housing and services.

Establishing a ¨poblado¨ would allow creating new jobs for the area, prevent rotation of employees and eventually becoming an adjacent community of its own. With autonomy as a goal promotion of small industries took place in areas supporting residential- touristic.

Based on the previous experience of Cancun where the town of support was located totally separate from the hotel zone, our ¨poblado¨ was placed close but separate from touristic- residential area.

The resort in mind would be independent to promote visitors form different parts of the world to come visit, fall in love and invest in the area. Being private would not attract the visitors in the area to use our installations.

Based on market studies, our resort would include ¨water¨ as the main attraction in forms of beach, Marinas, cenotes, lakes and channels with green jungles surrounding.

The Mexican Caribbean needed to attract the nautical segment of the market by creating a ¨ladder¨ with installations and services required. Puerto Aventuras took the first step with a Marina for 180 private yacht and today has 3 Marinas with a capacity for 600 yachts.

A model community required strict regulations regarding urban, building and community interaction. In time this has proven right allowing a better life for residents and a more interesting experience for visitors.

The first thing in mind to promote a new community was a school. Colegio Puerto Aventuras has been ranked #1 school in the southeast of Mexico.  It has accomplished high recognition for its academic standards in benefit of a community supporting foundations for social interaction and promotion of events.

Cultural activities would not be left for second stages. As part of a Cultural Center the CEDAM (Museum of Underwater Archaeology) is one of the five most important in the World in this specialty, and the historical information behind its expositions, the discoveries made and shown have been subject to many publications all over the World.

The importance of extra scholastic activities in sports promoted the creation of a Sailing school that in the first two years won first places on different categories in national tournaments.

To support nature as a first plane in the future large scale diversified nurseries producing local species would be kept for continuous reforestation of all areas.