Laura Beristaín Mayor for our Municipality invited Developer and Colonos to come to agreement and work hand in hand as soon as possible.  Reestablishing one single administration under Colonos including main access control, Passports, one single security is still a subject on the table for discussion subject to their commitment on our five basic principles.

Agreement has not yet taken place on discrepancy over the principle of privacy.  The Developer holds on to a private resort for the enjoyment and benefit of owners and residents in first instance and authorized or invited visitors.  Colonos refuses obligation on this matter proposing an open gate to public basing it on misinterpretation of our laws.   The following communication from their President clearly shows this difference:

In regards to the principle of privacy: … ¨of course, we should not lose sight of our legislation, beyond any agreement we may come to sign, that in any case any citizen claiming their rights of free transit could tumble before a judgement of guarantees…¨

Alberto Rivera Arguelles

Colonos President

This view of our legislation does not apply to Puerto Aventuras, and under the circumstances ¨our keys¨ will not be shared.

Our principles remain the same, an association administrating continues to be our best option, agreement will come when a Board of Directors adopts them.