Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, 9th of October 2019.

To the Puerto Aventuras´ Community:

P.A. COVENANT, A.C. informs all Owners and Residents of Puerto Aventuras of its´ first Ordinary General Assembly of Affiliates for the 30th of November of the Present Year in the Events Room at the Hotel OMNI Puerto Aventuras, the Assembly will take place with an open invitation to all the members of the Puerto Aventuras Community.  

The  Puerto Aventuras Fideicomiso holder of the property rights of the areas and installations in Puerto Aventuras that are for the common use and benefit of the Owners, Residents and Visitors, has constituted the legal entity P.A. COVENANT, A.C (Civil Association) ) in accordance with the Valid Laws in the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, as is stated in the Public Deed Number 61,625 (Sixty One Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty Five) with date of 11th of April of 2018, passed before Dr. Marco Antonio Valez, Public Notary Number 3 (three) of the State of Quintana Roo.

P.A. COVENANT, A.C, has as its primary objective to group under a unified and orderly representation all of the Owners and the Administration, Operation, Conservation and Maintenance of the areas and installations of common use and benefit of the Owners, Residents and Visitors and in an important manner guarantee the security and the care of its assets and people.

Shortly you will receive more important information.


Oscar A. Calderón Ruiz.



PA COVENANT, A.C.         pasaporte@puertoaventuras.com.mx