Puerto Aventuras 13 Of January of 2020



The decision for Covenant to operate temporarily then fuse into Colonos when a new Board of Directors willing to respect our principles was in place has been cancelled due to the fact that Colonos announced in their Assembly their decision to take over the position of the Developer and approved a budget of $2 million to continue lawsuits.   Covenant is now the Association that operates all your services and will continue to do so in the future.

As result of the explained above we are now taking affiliations from Residents and Condominiums who resigned their participation with Colonos and want to join Covenant paying the same dues in continuation of their last payment and receiving the same benefits.   For affiliation, please call Pamela at 873-5002 to obtain affiliation forms.

On the most important topic of security, we have accomplished a great advance having issued 3,970 PA Passports as the absolute necessary tool to control access.

To follow up on these strategies Covenant invites everyone in the community (no affiliation required) to attend an open meeting this coming Saturday the 18th 10am at PA Beach Club & Hotel.      If you are interested in being well informed about your community, your attendance will be appreciated.