Puerto Aventuras, June 10TH, 2020

Tropical Depression ¨Cristóbal¨

Cristóbal left disappointed for he did not change our way of life since we were already on lockdown from Covid.  Not being a formal hurricane what seemed like an unimportant storm brought with it two highly destructive elements.  Strong wind gusts and a rise in sea level way above normal.  An overview of the Riviera Maya shows large destruction in loss of beach areas by erosion, destruction of structures like piers, palapas and similar and loss of the older vegetation consisting of large trees and palm trees.  Puerto Aventuras once again is seen as the ¨protected bubble¨ affected with minimum damages to be recovered from soon.

Most trees and vegetation have been properly trimmed and lifted; beach erosion will be reverted using the sand that was carried from north to south within the Resort.   Floodings will evaporate and disappear on their own given time; broken structures will be replaced by each condominium or residence. 

In this case after the storm, remain alert.

Puerto   Aventuras

Román  Rivera  Torres