Puerto Aventuras, June 9th, 2020


Graphics, calendars and protocols in excess are not synchronized with reality today.   As weeks go by,   reopening activities relies more and more on common sense and individual decisions.  The balance between health and economics becomes unbalanced as lockdown stretches in time assigning weight on economics.      

Scientists maintain that quarantine should extend until July for we have not yet reached the peak of infection. Economists see not opening as economical suicide with unmeasurable damage following. Common will favors a gradual opening maintaining distance under strict protocols.    

In front of this difficult decision our Federal Authorities decided on a balanced mid-term solution easing economy in spite of a certain risk in health matters.  They published a list of activities and services placed on a calendar assigning percentages to determine reopening of activities. This information was accompanied by extensive protocols including restrictions and requirements that clearly passed all obligations and responsibility to the employer and operator.   The calendar shows Monday June 8th as the date to open doors to activities and services.

An overview of Cancun and the Riviera for reopening activities show that hotels will not open according to any official calendar, but will do so as tourists arrive since an open-empty hotel is more expensive than a closed one.  Hotel occupation will depend on reestablishing regular international flights.   Commerce and services will reopen as hotels gain occupancy and produce potential clients.  A realistic forecast for a full comeback of Cancun and the Riviera will require united efforts on international levels that will not be accomplished this year.     

As explained in previous PA Post, this forecast does not apply to the “protected bubble” of Puerto Aventuras.  The regular international flights today are enough to fulfill our desired traffic.  Occupation will come soon with owners and residents using and renting their properties. Commerce and services will come to life attending our local population.

Apart from any calendar our Beach Club / Hotel, Golf and other attractions remained open throughout the quarantine providing service and open spaces for our Residents.    Under the new Calendar, construction activities began Monday June 1st following strict protocols.  Commerce was authorized to reopen partial operation beginning Monday June 8th.  Larger Hotels within the Resort will follow the same strategies as those in Cancun.

Puerto Aventuras has become the most desirable residential Community in the Mexican Caribbean being the safest and ideal setting for better way of life.   With this comes an increasing population, higher rental standards and interest on Real Estate investments.   We must not let our guard down and respect protocols to guarantee the good health of our Destination when opening doors to our residents with tighter controls to outsiders.

Common Sense and Positive Attitude

Puerto   Aventuras

Román  Rivera  Torres