POST 117

Puerto Aventuras October 12, 2020



December annual Assemblies

 Colonos and Covenant

A new page will be turned for Puerto’s future this coming December.    We lived the last couple of years  with an inside virus of division that may now have found a cure;    We  went through 2020 in political and economy storms, and survived a Pandemic enjoying large open spaces for social distancing.      The aftermath shows Puerto Aventuras recognized as the safest, most desired   “protected bubble”   to live in.        

Coming December, owners will be invited to attend one or two separate Assemblies and once again determine the future of our Resort for 2021.      As customary, Colonos will accept attendance of affiliated owners up to date on their fees.     Covenant on the other hand, considering the importance of a well-informed Community at times like these, will welcome all Owners and Residents limiting vote to those affiliated.       In both Assemblies, the topic that will stand out as priority will be the proposal for a new Board of Directors to head either one of the Associations.

Detailed information on the Board of Directors to be proposed will be offered previous to both Assemblies to allow serious analysis and conscious vote.   Budget for 2021 as well as description of activities to be included for 2021 will be defined by affiliations and collection of debt.      Security, exclusivity, maintenance, regulations and new attractions will depend on definition and approval of an adequate budget.