POST 120

Puerto Aventuras October 19th 2020




The true value of having all our natural and created treasures lies on the fact that we may enjoy them within a healthy and secure environment as provided in the Resort we chose.  

Healthy, proven through a Pandemic with the least number affected due to correct protocols established by our leaders and cooperation of all those who are related to our Community. 

Secure, proven by absence of crimes or robberies through quarantine in spite of a Poblado with 29 thousand people across the highway, most without jobs or income for months.  Our children may still ride their bikes to school or parade for Halloween. 

Private,  access, traffic and density control within, by limiting open public access to the large number of tourist traveling the Riviera Maya. Free from the problematic situations happening in the area surrounding us. 

Fun inclusive, apart from the generous natural gifts provided to us (beach, reef, cenotes…); and other attractions created for our enjoyment (Sport and social clubs, marinas, golf …) the latest amenity Central Park with a large list of activities allows us to remain within our Resort driving elsewhere. 

Eco-conscious, promoting conservation by constant reforestation of all areas, reposition and maintenance of our beaches and strict regulations for open green areas.

Digital,   “protected bubble” covered by a high quality digital net allowing communication with the World as well as within for control, security and operational purposes in benefit of all users.