POST 126

Puerto Aventuras October 30th 2020



PA   P A S S P O R T

All plans and actions for a well-organized and functional Resort begin with basic documentation of its affiliates whether Owners or Residents and authorized guests or visitors.    For Puerto Aventuras, this basic requirement is our PA PASSPORT issued after information is presented and filed.  Our Passport serves the following basic purposes:

  1. Serves as official identification for Owner, Resident, Guest or Visitor.
  2. Automatic access at main gate and section or condominium additional gates at presentation.
  3. Determines dates, hours and areas where access and presence is allowed.
  4. Accumulation of data for security purposes determined by access and presence.
  5. Access and admission to services and attractions for all Owners and Residents.  
  6. (Beach and Yacht Club, Tennis, Marina, Golf, Central Park)
  7. Discounts on all services and activities for Owners and Residents within the Resort  (Subject to updated payment of fees)
  8. VIP treatment and priority on reservations

Visitors will be issued a similar (cardboard) Passport indicating dates and areas allowed.

Workers and employees will be issued a bracelet indicating dates, hours and areas allowed. 

Passports Issued

  • Owners 1,867
  • Residents 1,192
  • Employees 1,925
  • Total 4,984

Long lines to access are caused by Residents without Passport blocking all lanes . Tight security to our Resort will begin when Passports have been issued to all Owners and Residents, Guests and visitors.