They say that if you travel to the Caribbean and don’t scuba dive, you only see the upper half.

…. Well, if you are in Puerto Aventuras and have not visited our underwater museum you are missing an important part.

C.E.D.A.M. Stands for “Conservation, Ecology, Diving, Archaeology and Museums”. It is the first association in Mexico dedicated to underwater archaeology and discovering an important part of the history of this area buried underwater in galleons that hit our reefs and were lost at sea. Eighteen galleons of different nationalities from XVII and XVIII centuries have been surveyed, studied and recovered. It is one of the most important underwater museums in the world and samples of those recoveries form the main exposition.

The Museum was financed and built by the Developer as part of those attractions where profits show only in the character for the destination and identification to interested residents and visitors. Same as for the school, one of the first stones was placed for its foundation promoting a cultural aura to our community. All artifacts recovered and shown here are from galleons sunk in the coasts of Yucatan. The most important one was “Nuestra Señora de los Milagros” better known as “Matancero” because of the important cargo lost at sea before touching America and sunk in the vicinity of Akumal

The museum is located in the Marina area and has been open to the public for 28 years with free access.

For us who have adopted this place to live or visit, knowing this part of its history adds a special meaning.

Have you told your friends your small town has its own museum?

Note: The museum will be closed for remodeling April 2017 to May 2018.