New communities usually begin by fulfilling basic needs, fun and sports come next and finally education culture and religion.

Puerto Aventuras broke the mold once again and built began a center for multiple purposes from a house of prayer, cultural representations, expositions, classes for locals or simply gatherings of any kind.

Mrs. Tere Prado Rivera T. could not believe a golf course was being built before a church and made a donation to break ground. Mr. Jack and Janice Beiser survived Gilberto in Puerto and left a blank check to begin construction.  Dr. Roman Rivera T,   Gustavo Segrove and Arq. Roman Rivera Torres came up with the rest to complete what today is our event center up on the hill.

Whether to attend a concert,   participate in an exposition,   attend reading or English classes or simply to give yourself a peaceful moment and meditate, the center has been there to allow those additional activities that could not wait to happen in a faraway tomorrow when all our needs were fulfilled.

It was built as a protected open space on a base of local stone with adequate isoptic for events, structure in rustic wood allowing wind circulation, and overall cover with   “ Palapa “ with a capacity for 320 people sitting.

Built and operated by the development for years, eventually was passed on to colonos for promotion and maintenance through their activities committee.

Economics around all events are handled by colonos with no participation to the original investors.

I have visited smaller towns with casinos that we don’t have, but I have also visited larger cities without a center like ours!