The places that were fused together to give place to Puerto Aventuras were “Rancho Tazol”, “Valerio Vivas,    “Península Chac-Hal-Al”  to the north, “Rancho Fátima” to the center and  “Rancho Chanyuyum” and “El Pedregal”  to the south.  On the other side of the Federal road “Rancho Nic” was acquired to build what today is known as the pueblo of Puerto Aventuras.

There was an initial promotional event to invite investors to participate and gather capital. The guest of honor was also the primary investor. He arrived late to the event, interrupted my presentation, got up and said ¨invite me to a project based in Cancun, not an adventure in the jungle.¨  With him walking out the room it seemed all possibilities to achieve the goal had vanished. I made a glass ring, continued my presentation and said ¨I invite you now to a jungle adventure in front of the sea: ¨Puerto Aventuras¨.

A couple weeks later, a group of friends and I took a weekend to scuba dive in Akumal,  waking up on Sunday morning, as I walked downstairs to make coffee, I found an envelope on the countertop with a drawing of a circle encompassing a lighthouse and a sail made by Cecilia Ripol de Barquín, the same drawing that was adopted without modification as our logo.

The promotional slogans initiating with “Beach, Marina and Golf Resort” were contribution of Ing. Vagner Elbiorn Terán who was in charge of project promotion from the start till its consolidation.