There is an unbelievable ¨Lower Half¨  in front of Puerto Aventuras for us to expolore


Puerto Aventuras Dive Center has been since the beginning and for 30 years an important part of our Resort in promoting us as a diving destination and participating in conservation of our reefs.

We may not be aware of the incredible wonders in front of our windows or when we take a plunge in Fatima Bay. Puerto Aventuras is fortunate to have one of the most diverse and healthy underwater eco systems in the Riviera Maya and this underwater garden is just yards off our coast line. Part of the Meso American reef system (second only in length to the Great Barrier Reef ), the reefs of Puerto Aventuras provide habitat for over two hundred and twenty five species of fish, multiple species of turtles and a variety of rays, sharks and pelagic fish. Fortunate to be far enough south in the Yucatan Straights to receive a constant flow of nutrients from the gentle current, our reefs are protected from the stronger currents found just to our north.

A perfect environment for marine life.  While this dynamic environment is found just offshore, we also  have a very diverse and healthy ecosystem within our own Fatima Bay.  With many grass beds and small coral heads, Fatima Bay is the idea habitat for countless species of juvenile reef fish and is an ideal shallow water environment. Puerto Aventuras has the best of both worlds  …  offshore reefs and inshore habitat.

While we are all familiar with  all the topside attractions of Puerto Aventuras, it is fascinating to know that such a diverse underwater environment is so close to us.