Every new creation looks for its own identity or brand and Colegio Puerto Aventuras is no exception.  This multicultural and socio-economic diversity of student and teacher population is creating State and National attention. This year’s published academic achievements include:

High School Class of 2017, participated in PLANEA obtaining 1ª Place Statewide in Mathematics and 7º Place Statewide /1º Place Municipal in Spanish,  significant given the diversity of languages in the school.

This year high school students brought home the following awards:

Julio Quian 1st Place Catergory B1

Ella Dunaj 1st Place Category B2

Ana Paola Mezo 1st Place Category A2

Paula López Fagundez 1st Place Category B2

Ana Laura Jiménez 3rd Place Category B1

The Science Club has gained much strength in the last two years with members giving workshops of Arduino and Scratch in Planetario Sayab in Playa del Carmen.  Junior High School travelled to Chetumal for the Science State Expo.

First Place in their category was awarded to Paula López Fagundez and Brendon Lamy for their project “Light Pollution”.

Second Place awarded to Sofía López Fagundez for her project “Bio Inks”.

Other participations by Sofia Mora and Alessandra Tripoli with their Hydroponic project and Ana Maria Osnaya and Daniela Hernandez for their project “Conectoma Humano”.

We look forward to participating in a national event!

We can be proud of our students and the recognition Colegio Puerto Aventuras receives for its high level of academics in mathematics, languages, and science but our pride also extends to the students who represent our community in a variety of individual and team sports at local and national levels and also for our students’ contribution to society through its social participation program.