Heriberto Antonio Hernández Marrufo

Delegado Puerto Aventuras Pueblo

He was here to witness Puerto Aventuras´ birth, and knows our community like the palm of his hand having been mailman for years. Whoever did not shake hands with him never received a love letter.

His contribution as delegate is expressed by important accomplishments under a capable and honest leadership.

Among the long list of projects developed and in operation today are 5,000 new homes in Puerto Maya III that added to the previous 5,000 done in Puerto Maya I and II add up to 10,000 homes assigned to the population supporting our Resort. Five domes for protected activity areas in our elementary and junior high schools. Forty new parks and gardens with urban furniture for leisure activities and walkways offering additional safety to pedestrians.

A promotion agreement has been reached for the construction of a commercial Mega Plaza behind of what today is Chedraui.

Today´s population as a delegation is 25,000 people and growing into an ¨Alcaldia¨ in the near future and an independent Puerto Aventuras Municipality further in time.