Dear Fellow Puerto Aventura Residents, 

By means of this communication I would like to confirm the position of F.Puerto Aventuras as we stated in daily documents from April 16th to July 31st 2018.

I.-        Puerto Aventuras separated from Colonos Association in time of their 2017 General Assembly.  Puerto Aventuras created the association to operate and administrate the Resort on the basic principles    pre- established.  Puerto Aventuras respects the Association as a concept, but does not recognize a Board of Directors that betrayed the five basic principles. 

II.-       F. Puerto Aventuras forms Covenant as a community Association to administrate and operate main access, all infrastructure and attractions, general services, government relations and future projects.  Covenant was not formed to divide, but to collect and maintain united the entities that separated from the Association to facilitate its future return. 

III.-     F. Puerto Aventuras will once again work with the Association and act as vigilance committee (as it did for 25 years) the moment a new Board of Directors capable and compromised on maintaining the five basic principles is in place. 

IV.-     On the date when the formula of F. Puerto Aventuras and Colonos Association is once again operating, Covenant will be dissolved turning over into the Association including main access, security, Passport and operation of separated entities. 

Puerto Aventuras is not in dispute with the Association as it does not form part.  Puerto Aventuras acknowledges responsibility with all home owners who believed in our concept and maintains an open door to communicate at all times. In recent months at least 7 different groups representing parts of the community have proposed discussion meetings that went for months at a time; more recently Mr. Angelo Mouzouropoulos representing the Association presented a petition document to Puerto Aventuras expecting an answer. All topics of this matter will be dealt with accordingly with the new Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly. 

Our door is still open to any interested participant in our community who remembers times of unity, trust and confidence we lived by only years ago and is willing to respect to our five basic principles that made Puerto Aventuras unique. 


Arch. Roman Rivera Torres 

F. Puerto Aventuras