PA Passport.                 We are glad to inform you that on May 27th 2,298 Passports have been issued.  We will soon be able to implement adequate controls and benefits as originally planned.  Owners and residents refusing to obtain Passport are complicating access to those carrying proper identification; additional side entrances will be again implemented beginning May 30th to allow fluent traffic at entrance to those holding Passports. 

Security.                        New technology long range and optimum resolution cameras have been placed in both Marinas Phase I and II, residential areas Phase IV and main access.  Addition to Caseta has been built to house monitors for these new cameras.

Condominium Peninsula Chac Hal Al is the first within Puerto Aventuras to include their access control systems and security to the use of PA Passport card.  We welcome them towards a future Master Plan integration. 

Information on Benefits.                 Beginning Monday July 1st, discounts on attractions and services such as Beach Club, Hotel Omni, Golf and commercial establishments within Resort will continue as established to owners and residents presenting PA Passport as official identification.