Puerto Aventuras 11th of October of 2019

To Our PA Community

If you are allowed free will to act in any way you want in your community, so can your neighbors.    Order and regulations are important to maintain safety and well-being that will in time reflect on our values.

Security and privacy begin at our main door.    Efficient operation of our entrance can only be accomplished under one single system establishing correct channels for Owners, Residents and visitors.    Owners and Residents will have the privacy desired, renters and visitors will be welcome under proper identification, employees and construction workers will have access to limited areas.

Your PA PASSPORT is the first requirement to establish proper identification, access and benefits according to your personal status within our Resort.    All attractions and services in our Resort as well as our personal properties will be safely and fully enjoyed when everyone accepts our regulations as a way of life.

Our Community consist today of 4,000 full time residents, 5,000 additional visitors in season and 28,000 workers across the highway.            . .  .   and growing !