May 1st 2020.    



Being present and living  in Puerto Aventuras  through these critical weeks, has been a new experience of intense  activities dedicated to protect our Community and our way of life as well as preparing for an undefined “reopening” to the World hopefully  happening soon.  This is an important reason to maintain communication.

I am certain that many of us share a similar uncertain and doubtful state of mind being forced to remain passive in the pursuit of our goals and forced to proceed based on acts of faith and common sense in spite of the excessive and in cases ambivalent information.

The first battle taking place in our minds may be the difficult balance between health and economics,   lockdown or socialize, the risks by going one way or the other based on too many experts pushing in opposite directions, countries playing unexpected roles and the inevitable doubts that creep into our minds as weeks go by and risk of life and health is also accompanied by economic sustainability.     

Our position on day one led to strict lockdown with priority on health.   Following came the “tale of the wolf” announcing  the “peak” coming this week, then next and still another next showing  horror scenes followed by discrediting arguments.   Seven weeks have gone by and we are still looking at probably four before slowly returning to our lives with restrictions until collective immunity is achieved.  Some very fortunate may use this time for introspection, family gathering and catching up with life,   others are obligated to recover a lost job to bring bread to the table.

Friends and family weathering the storm with us, clearly appreciate the benefits Puerto Aventuras offers with secure open spaces for activities while maintaining social distance.    We see parents pushing carriages and walking pets, golf carts going back and forth on main avenue, people paddling boards on the marina or bicycling and exercising in Central Park.    Far from becoming   a “ghost town”, it has proven to be a “protected bubble” secure and private.

We should not take for granted this Paradise-like situation.   While we enjoy it, much work is being done by many to sustain our side of the Resort, but more importantly the Poblado across the highway where over twenty thousand jobless people live in peace hopeful for work, a decent salary and a future as their recent past.

Those of you who see a “glass half full” and appreciate what the place we chose to live offers us,   please maintain a positive attitude, raise your voice and pass the word, make it viral. 

 Work, hope and good wishes

Roman Rivera Torres

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