May 8th  2020                        


Statistics, lack of convincing arguments, excess of Netflix, need for air, emptier pockets and more, have all aligned in proposing a date to begin reopening the World to us three weeks from now, on June 1st.     Having been submitted to an unrequested situation, our first reaction may carry anger to combine an eagerness for action with a rusty will to carry it through, uncertain on the direction to take and with little faith on finding fertile soil.   

To rebuild our plans, we are offered information provided by experts sounding like:   “It seems like”…. “Subject to confirmation”…; and by authorities sounding like:    “Imminent and urgent”…  “It is now up to you”.  We are basically left to rely on our personal common sense and individual will power.

Bringing the World and this area will not happen by pressing an on-off button but more like the old televisions having to warm up before producing an image.   Empty resorts and closed businesses will once again have to present themselves to an international market while patiently allowing time for its surroundings to come back to life.    The Destination will be forced to follow the usual chain of action beginning with publicity, promotion, sales, reestablishing air traffic, increasing hotel occupation, reopening small businesses and projecting us as desirable to the traveler once again.     We may now be looking at one year term for a comeback.

Not being the most desirable vision for Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras may take lead and be example in a faster and more efficient comeback.    Designed as a Private Resort for the enjoyment of owners and residents, it is autonomous and does not rely on an outer market.  Different from a 5000 room hotel with one single owner-promoter, Puerto has the same number of rooms (hotels condos and homes) with 2500 owner-promoters who will enjoy, lend or rent their properties beginning tomorrow.  Small business will reopen to a captive local market.  Amenities will automatically come to life as residents reappear. Most important, Puerto Aventuras known   as a unified, secure and private Resort, created a demand for first and second home that consolidates a steady population allowing autonomy.

We will not have to wait for airlines to reestablish all flights or for 90 thousand hotel rooms to be filled in the area, nor for our neighbor towns to reopen businesses dependent on those hotels being occupied.   We will come back to a live Resort soon enough.   Our concept was designed to be enjoyed in good times but has also proven to be safe harbor under unusual circumstances and today it will prove to be the place we dream to live in.

We shall not forget that the safety and enjoyment of this side of the highway needs to go hand in hand with the wellbeing of the other side.

The best is yet to come

Román  Rivera  Torres