Puerto Aventuras, May 22nd 2020



In preparation for reopening Puerto Aventuras beginning June 1st,   our Developers first met with our Governor and Mayor to commit on common interests and work hand in hand to achieve them.     The meeting began with confirmation of continuity as an independent Resort, not   “Municipalized” as they would not be able to provide the quality services required.    The Developer will continue as the responsible entity for Puerto Aventuras before Authorities. The meetings led to commitments on Protocols for reopening both sides of Puerto hand in hand:   Touristic and Poblado. 

Aware on one side of the need to reopen for social and economic reasons and the possibility that Pandemic is not over, and more so we may still be short of reaching the peak of infection.  Our attitude in practicing Protocols will define our short term wellbeing.

The first phase of this unprecedented chapter having lasted almost ten weeks,  may have been the most difficult because it  came from outside forces beyond our control, and still we managed to overcome  and live through it  protected and healthy.  No doubt we will continue safely through the remaining part of it.   In preparation for reopening Puerto to our better way of life, comes what should be the easier part because it depends on inner forces within our control.

The Concept and Principles of Puerto Aventuras prevail in the leadership of the Developer, but has lived divided in its administration for almost two years now.    Covenant coordinates official I.D. for control, operates our main access,  basic services and government relations hand in hand with the Developer.  Colonos separately operates security and infrastructure maintenance within the Resort.  Both of them act in their respective areas in direct proportion to the income received from affiliations and resident fees.      Even under this divided reality, no matter who you pay your fees to, they are basic to maintain Puerto Aventuras alive and functional.     (you are paying Puerto Aventuras).  Those who take advantage of division and don’t pay fees will surely see their properties going down in value and pulling their neighbors’ with them.

Covenant will promote new affiliations to expand areas of action taking over activities towards a unified administration along with the Developer.   Colonos will continue acting separately in some areas as long as they are financed by affiliations and fees.   Although access will never be denied to owners and residents, PA Passport will facilitate right of admission, discounts and special benefits to services and attractions.   Time, cost and success to achieve Unity will depend on decisions based on free will of our Community.  

It is time for choosing the safest boat to cross the “storm”

and the crew to find calm waters.

Román Rivera Torres