Puerto Aventuras, July 7, 2020.


Difficult times have proven Puerto Aventuras worthy.  We are not only an attractive town built placing one stone over another,   we are a strong, proud and respectful Community.     Those of us living and “breathing” Puerto Aventuras value our “bubble” protected from infection, insecurity, corruption harassment,    property devaluation and other situations happening in the World surrounding us.      We may enjoy our   “good fortune”   but should not take it for granted.      This comfortable situation depends on capable people working full time and counting on all of us to fulfill our roll in this common goal.                                

Having prevailed over outside influences beyond our control is inconsistent with creating unnecessary division and confrontation within.     Everyone  who believed in  Puerto and  invested patrimony  to enjoy their time of leisure and enhance their way of life, deserve  an apology for  being involved in the “divorce”  between  Developer and assigned Administrator.    This situation has created discomfort for almost two years and most likely will affect our property values.  

Even though it may be justified for Residents to express disagreement, the solution is not in stopping payment of their fees to an Association.     There is no Government to blame here and certainly no Mother Theresa to ask for a free ride.     We will receive what we paid for and if this is not enough to cover expenses for services received our Resort, properties and way of life will demerit.

Responsible Residents covering their fees have been free to pay Covenant as the new Association designated by de Developer or Colonos.    Either Association will recognize payments to one or the other as long as they are continuous and updated.     Covenant has control of Main Gate and coordinates all basic services, Colonos covers other activities.      Covenant will expand and take over the administration of our Resort as affiliations increase.     Colonos is in the process of extinction to be continued by Covenant or by Colonos under a new Board of Directors elected by the community. 

This transfer will take place soon, as everyone’s concern is preventing Puerto Aventuras from Bankruptcy or Municipalization.  Added to surviving a Pandemia stopping the world.

Times are complicated enough to waste efforts in working in two different directions.       Covenant needs your affiliations to maintain quality level in all areas for our common benefit.     By affiliating to Covenant you may feel sure that no matter how difficult the situation becomes there will be somebody to answer your call. The people in Covenant follow a never ending dream and not a salary or power position.

For affiliations to Covenant you may contact:

Pamela Muñoz: pamela@puertoaventuras.com.mx

Alfredo Raz:   covenantpuertoaventuras@gmail.com

Salim Grayeb: salimgrayebd@gmail.com

Oscar Calderon: oscarptoaventuras@prodigy.net.mx

Updated payment to an Association is required.

We strongly suggest for the purpose of unification and a constructive communication among us to personally inquire on some of the basic topics stated below to form a personal opinion and not one based on the first thing you hear.  Facts on Puerto Aventuras past, present and future:

– Puerto Aventuras will not be Municipalized.

-Only the Developer can request for Municipalization.

– The only legal representative for Puerto Aventuras is the Developer.

– The Association was established to administrate the Resort and may be changed or removed.

– Bilateral Agreement with the Government allows the Developer to assign an Association.

– Covenant is today the independent Association working hand in hand with the Developer.  

– Main Gate is controlled by Covenant today.

– Gate may continue under Covenant or Colonos under new Board guaranteeing our principles.

– Covenant will expand services and activities as affiliations increase.

You liked what you saw in Puerto and when you bought into it

you adopted its principles and regulations

to not be changed by individual interests.