Considering internet, a basic necessary service Puerto Aventuras in April 2018 promoted an agreement with C&W as the transcontinental company with presence in the Riviera Maya and plans to expand from Cancún to Tulum. For reasons strictly related to C&W and beyond our control the service provided has not been what our Community expected and short-term future is uncertain.

If internet was necessary at the time, much more today under new circumstances in quarantine due to Covid and adapting to home-office as a new way of life.  A swift decision was made bringing GigNet to an immediate agreement including services and amenities necessary to make of Puerto Aventuras a digital community.  GigNet, a digital company with fiber-optic network from Cancún to Tulum is now installing fast and reliable internet, WiFi and high definition TV in all of Puerto Aventuras.

Those owners and residents having signed with Connect may now transfer to GigNet under the same terms and handled locally by our same representatives.