POST 107

Puerto Aventuras September 18, 2020




During the remaining three months of 2020, you will be receiving information on a weekly basis regarding all plans and actions being taken towards consolidating Puerto Aventuras as the “Protected Bubble” we have worked hard to become and a clear picture of what Puerto Aventuras will be in 2021 united and past Covid.   The following is a brief reminder of our past and present to bear in mind while looking at our future.


1987                        Puerto Aventuras was conceived in as a Private Residential-Touristic Resort under the following Principles:

  • Autonomy. Self-administrated by Community Representatives, independent from Municipal Authorities.     
  • Integrated Unity. To function as one with total benefits for Residents. 
  • Security. Priority on General as well as personal safety.      
  • Privacy.  Services and attractions exclusive for Owners and Residents.
  • Regulated. Rights and obligations for a better way of life and surrounded by urban and architectural harmony based strict regulations.      

1988             Our Resort was born with plans to become a Model Community offering Residents a better way of life and Visitors a better experience.   

1990                        Developer formed an Association to be represented by the Community and assigned them the administration of our Resort following pre-established principles.     Under this formula the Developer creates and builds while the Association administrates and maintains.

Early Years

1991 to 2017                   The Developer and Association worked hand in hand under this formula to consolidate Puerto Aventuras as a unique attractive Destination for investment as well as enjoyment. 

2018             The Colonos´ Board of Directors lost perspective of their faculties and pretended to change our principles by opening our Resort to the public.     The process following their actions led to an imminent separation from Developer thereby no longer working hand in hand.

2019             In order to preserve our original Concept and guarantee its continuation, the Developer no longer recognized the Association’s Board and assigned administration of the Resort to a new Association.   PA Covenant A.C. was born to take over temporarily to eventually fuse with Colonos under new Board of Directors or remain as the new official Association assigned.      

2020             This year will be remembered as a transition during difficult times to reinstate our values to become once again a proud and unified Community.