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Puerto Aventuras October 6th 2020


Tuesday October 6th  at 11am

(Forecast for Puerto Aventuras)

News are not good, and we must extreme all precautions.

Hurricane Delta has rapidly strengthened into Category 4 Hurricane and maintaining a path WNW having moved south towards Puerto Morelos and increasing movement to 16mph. Puerto Aventuras remains within the close circle of stronger winds.

-We should feel first winds from the North around 10pm tonight strengthening through the night and changing from Northwest becoming strongest around 2am Wednesday.  Winds should remain constant through noon Wednesday.

-Very strong winds should be our main concern reaching between 60 to 70 mph. Forecast does not show heavy rains due to different formation in the gulf.  No high tides are expected since winds come from inland. 

-The possibilities for changing its path are few although it could be in our benefit if it keeps moving south and leaves us out of the circle of strong winds .

-Next forecast for Puerto Aventuras community will be at 4pm this afternoon. We are hoping the path moves farther south away from us.

If you stay home in Puerto…

-Ground and Lower levels are safer than higher.

-Stay away from large windows at late hours and maintain inside doors closed to stabilize wind pressure.

-Prepare a bedroom facing South or East with small windows for late Tuesday.

-If no hurricane shutters, mattress against window supported by furniture may be a safety measure.