POST 131

                                                                                                                                    Puerto Aventuras November 11, 2020




For many people 2020 will not bring happy memories in the future.    In times like these and considering world events, we may be thankful for being a best kept secret in our ¨protected bubble¨.

The aftermath of events beyond our control have treated us kindly.   We have not been immune to Covid, but followed a balance between protocols and our day to day life.    Political and economic storms did not reach our private community as it did other destinations.     We went through five major storms with little material damage and watching nature recover.    Due to our location and characteristics our beaches received sand and grew while all others in the area were seriously affected.   

It is now time to take responsibility on matters within our control.   We may start by recognizing the values that made us chose Puerto,  and together work for the future as we envisioned it.    

December will be a month for important decisions, beginning with the ordinary assemblies to follow with a natural transition.     Aware of the values at stake we have put together an overall plan beginning with confirmation of an Association and the proposal for a new Board of Directors contributing a detailed plan of action for 2021 and following years. 

This plan for this coming transition will be shared beginning this Friday 13th, Monday 16th and until December.

 … rights and obligations go hand in hand.