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                                                                                                                                    Puerto Aventuras November 13, 2020




2020 – 2021


A new Board of Directors  capable  of working on behalf of Puerto Aventuras will be proposed to both Colonos and PA Covenant prior to December Assemblies.    The proposed Board will work on behalf of Puerto Aventuras and may do so in either Association.

Proposal for new Board will include personal information on Members regarding experience, credentials and most important:   commitment on this important assignment.

The ideal situation as a shortcut to Unification would be to consider and elect this New Board on December 12th at the Colonos Assembly.       This possibility may be shadowed by the current Board’s   intention to be re-elected or by arguments on our bylaws regarding pre-registration and membership of candidates.    

Most probably, depending on the outcome of Colonos’ Assembly the new proposed Board will be confirmed and elected at PA Covenant Assembly to assume the role as administrators of Puerto Aventuras beginning January 2021.

Prior to December Assemblies, the proposed new Board will present a complete Plan of Action for 2021. The plan will include installation of   the latest technology for security, enforcement of regulations and operation in general; maintenance activities and detailed budget, a description of additional infrastructure and new activity areas, all for the purpose of upgrading our Resort.

All interested in the future of our Resort and Community will be able to have the necessary information  with time to  build a personal point of view to express  during our coming Assemblies.

…. Respectfully