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 Puerto Aventuras November 23rd, 2020




  • Explain regulations and building codes and how they apply.
    • Regulations and building codes were written by Fideicomiso (Developer) as part of the original Master Plan.     
    • Any new project has to be approved by the technical committee of Fideicomiso who sends first copy to Municipality to issue construction license, second copy to Association to follow on construction and third copy for owner. 
    • The purchase contract for properties in Puerto Aventuras includes an addendum with Regulations and Building Codes for Puerto Aventuras to be signed by new Owner.
    • Although Municipality is official authority, under agreement they do not issue construction license unless previously approved by Developer.
    • It is Colonos´ obligation to follow up on constructions within Building Codes.  
    • There is only one set of regulations for Puerto Aventuras to be adopted by all Associations.
  • Explain bylaws and regulations for Puerto Aventuras by Colonos Association.
    • A second set of bylaws and regulations for Puerto Aventuras was written by the Home Owners´ Association regarding relations between members and association.
    • All Associations have to follow these bylaws and regulations including obligations of members towards the community.
  • Explain the reason for two Associations today.
    • The Fideicomiso as the only representative of Puerto Aventuras assigned Colonos the administration our Resort under our basic principles.     The Board of Directors did not respect the basic principles and were not recognized by Fideicomiso being forced to temporarily establish a second Association to reinstate our principles.    
    • The best outcome will eventually be one single Association.   This Association should be Colonos as it belongs to the community and has the human capacity and assets to do so.