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Puerto Aventuras February 19th 2021



Puerto Aventuras was conceived as a private Resort with the best services and the most attractive infrastructure for the enjoyment of its owners and residents.  All efforts had been directed to create our ¨protected bubble¨. An agreement was signed with government authorities to remain independent so that it could be self- operated and maintain the right of admission at our main access.   This has proven right considering the accelerated growth of Playa del Carmen and the new way of life imposed by Covid.

To become the most attractive place in the Riviera Maya, our very special ingredient was based on our autonomy to operate all components of Puerto Aventuras under a single unity.   The concept offers benefits in all areas from identification for control and security to automatic admission to all infrastructure and services, discounts and benefits as well as a voice and participation in the design of our future.

 The formula to turn this concept into reality was based on an ¨Alliance¨ of the Developer creating and an Association with representation from home owners administrating.   Everything we receive from security and respectful government relations, basic services from water and electricity to fiber optics, valuable assets like Marinas, Golf and Central Park and in the end a sense of community is possible is based on that ¨Alliance¨.

25 years proved our non-precedent concept successful before the division in leadership within our ¨Alliance¨.   Destroying a concept takes a single blow while recovering requires time and continued effort.  The work has been done and the time to adopt our new ¨Alliance¨ will take place in 2021.

 All owners and residents will be able to access their properties; those holding PA Passport as identification for our Resort will enjoy automatic access while others will be asked to present an official identification every time.   Visitors and guests will enjoy automatic access through PA App authorized by owner. 

 Most services and attractions within Puerto Aventuras welcome owners, residents and visitors and grant discounts and benefits to those holding PA Passport.  Some services will apply right of admission to those not holding PA Passport. 

The efficiency and quality of basic services rendered will require affiliation to this new ¨Alliance¨ and payment of maintenance fees.   Only through affiliation will responsibilities and rights be clear to all.

Those who understand Puerto Aventuras as a unique and special Resort will know the difference between forming part of this unified operation or remaining on the sideline as they would in any other Resort.  It is time to define those who are ¨IN¨

Everything you receive is provided by the “Alliance”