All attractions of Puerto Aventuras, natural or built are for the enjoyment and benefit of its Residents.

We are a Private Community.

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As part of our infrastructure, the Developer assigned land to build a ¨Caseta¨ to house staff and equipment necessary to guarantee our Security.

The land and building are property of the Developer to guarantee the same use in the future. The building was given under loan to the Association for renewable periods foreseeing a possible misuse of any administration.

The Community solicited a very necessary addition of the Caseta to facilitate access for Residents and avoid waiting lines for visitors. The Developer contributed land and Project that was approved by Ordinary Assembly and fees from Associates were deposited for Construction.

Arguing a possible change in management the President unilaterally canceled the Project and froze the funds. Now, one year later, disregarding an Assembly decision, he will present a new idea for use of such funds

The Developer continued with the approved project and built two additional access lanes.

The Project continues to be necessary, the position of our Board is wrong and contradictory denying access to long time residents and allowing access to not authorized external people, violating our privacy policy.

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Copy of document from our Board explaining reasons for maintaining our access open to any person providing personal ID.

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Puerto Aventuras´ Security begins with Control of Main Access

The Board of Directors has been incapable of managing the Access Control in detriment of our security. Contradictory to our Principles as Private Development, the Board allows free access with the only requirement of presenting an ID.

The Association has a budget of $18 million pesos to comply with the Community. Security and Access Control are a priority.   The incapability of the Board to manage Security and the contradiction to our Privacy Values has forced its Associates to solve their problems by hiring independent securities, and separating from the Association.

Beach Condominiums and Hotels have solicited control of Access to non-authorized visitors to avoid becoming a public beach. The Association not acknowledging privacy principles, refuse to comply arguing it would be ¨discriminatory”.     Other Associates like the Marina and neighbors in Residential areas have solicited preventing   non-authorized visitors that use our infrastructure in benefit of third parties molesting Residents and causing expenses to the Association. The Board has refused support to those Associates arguing that it concerns to personal commercial interests not related to the Community. These Associates forced to act on their own, have separated from an Association breaking the Unity of our Development.

In order to reestablish the Values of Puerto Aventuras, the Developer will take the control of the Access on the date of termination of contract and give it back to the Association under a new Board, working in accordance with our principles.

Note: Because of the cancellation of extension to the caseta previously approved by the Assembly, the Developer proceeded to begin construction of two additional access lanes.

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Answer by our President maintaining the position of an open access to the public based on “discriminating issues” and non-unauthorized visitors to use our infrastructure.

Puerto Aventuras March 6, 2018)

Arq. Román Rivera Torres
Fideicomiso Puerto AventurasMatter: Security Policies´ Handbook

In relation to your communication dated February 27 of the present year, and after analyzing your comments we make the following observations:

Response: The Colonos´ Association does not recognize this access politic for it was not included in the manual presented for revision. To include it would implicate giving the same benefit or service to whatever other infrastructure, particular or commercial.
3. The Colonos´ Association considers that completely blocking visitor access to the beach, is exercising discriminatory practices and incites social consequences. Therefore, the Association proposes controlling visitor access, through the use of reusable, numbered badges with beach regulations printed on the back. This point will be a matter up for vote in the Assembly to be authorized or not.

The Colonos` Association and the Board of Directors thanks you for your cooperation and time in revising and acquisition of the vehicular access, pedestrian and regional handbook , that accomplishes the necessary security for our community. If you consider it necessary we can meet to clear up or dwell on any point in the handbook.

Jorge Kaufer Shieman