Puerto   Aventuras   primarily   a   “BEACH RESORT” ,   enhanced   by   Marinas   and   Golf.   Preservation   of   our   beaches   is   a   must.

Global  Conditions beyond  our  control  have  changed  morphology  of Caribbean  and  Eastern  U.S.  Coasts,    Puerto Aventuras  is  not  an exception.      Our  beaches  along  with  the  Riviera  Maya  and  Cancun  have  eroded   and  new  protections  had  to  be implemented  to   stop   deterioration.  Apart  from  property  loss,   come  legal  implications.

Protecting and recovering our beaches should not be an individual task for condominiums or residents.  Solutions must be taken under a General Plan for the whole bay to counteract coastal currents.   The Development hired Mr. Ping Wang from the University of Florida and Oceanus International to do   the plan for major stone jetties for the full length of the bay and half way between existing reef and beach. An estimate was established while the necessary permits began the long process.

The Association’s response was: ¨We don´t go to the beach ¨.   The Developer exchanged doing additional investments in Phase IV to allow Colonos special fee for Beach recuperation. Funds have been collected for approximately $60,000 U.S. and frozen in their account.

Individual efforts were implemented from North to South for protection from currents. The Developer began investing in a large Jetty on the North side of the bay to protect the coast and enable additional jetties to reciprocate the shape of our bay 20 meters out into the sea.  Chac-Hal-Al followed building jetties underwater to contain new sand deposited on beach.  Beach Club built small jetties that are now being moved as continuation to Chac- Hal- Al. Villa Del Mar also built small jetties above the surface, and should now move those outwards according to General Plan. The Plan includes construction of jetties to brake waves, reduce winds and contain sand as well as pumping new sand onto beach to recover property line.

The Association has announced that they will use these funds for other purposes. Beach reconstruction cannot be done individually, it has to come from a community effort. We must find a formula to coordinate these efforts and recuperate our beaches and our identity as a Beach Resort.