May 14th, 2020



An alpinist knows that after the peak comes the most dangerous part in the descend when body and mind are tired and there is an eagerness to reach survival level.   Analogy with our situation is obvious.   On one hand, we are fearful of what the virus can do to us but also what this long period of inactivity will do to our livelihoods, mental and physical wellbeing if it stretches further in time.  On the other, there is an eagerness to get back to our active life beyond our front door as soon as possible.

Authorities, in cautious balance between health and economics have pointed towards June 1st as the date to begin reopening activities by stages.  Other analysts superposed our graphic from arrival of the virus to previous graphics from other countries   concluding that we are still in phase 3, not ready to open and underline the possibility of high contagious risk still present.   Once again, we are left to rely on our personal common sense to continue being alert, manage our patience and wait for sanitary clearance. 

All assumptions today depend on if’s, when the moment comes, we must act responsible in ending lockdown.  

What happens at reopening date?    How do we resume activities and reintegrate to life as we know it?   Can we program work and   traveling?   Placing the World and Country aside for a moment to focus on Puerto, a basic sketch plan considering our fears as well as our needs may look like this:


-Continue working from home as much as you can.

-Continue online school for our children

-Avoid using crowded public transportation.   (Use golf carts and bicycles in the Resort).

-Enjoy our open spaces for outdoor exercises.

-Occupy, lend, or rent your properties to help balance occupancy and bring life to our place.

-Reinstate employees and workers, guarantee their salaries, and consider bonus for their recent deficits.

-Reopen business and services by stages as required.

-Support our School and cultural activities necessary for our Residential Community.

-Support local business and products by visiting and making them a first option.

-Hold on hospitality services to outsiders until achieving collective immunity

-Update and pay your Resort fees to allow continuity of quality services.

-Respect our Principles and Regulations for a Unified Community

-Maintain a constructive and positive attitude towards our Resort and fellow neighbors.

-Whether in your publicity or word of mouth, let it be known “we are well”.

In the end, it is a plan that we all must make work, its result depends on all of us.   Keep in mind that coming down the mountain is often more dangerous than conquering the peak.

   Our future in Puerto will be what we make of it.

Román Rivera Torres