May 18th, 2020

Premature – Necessary   Reopening ? ? ?

Considering all past information heard and written on Covid, we once again have to rely on our  common sense  to create our personal “Interactive Calendar “  to schedule our come back to the life we  were forced to put  “on pause”.  A difficult task based on uncertain balance between: …   safety and health vs social and economy, comfort vs hunger and need, peace of mind vs instability, patience vs eagerness, managing for a comeback vs no possible comeback, floating vs survival?

We are the fortunate who have means to bridge these inactive times, the opportunity to live through a quarantine in comfort, close to our loved ones, and all within a safe and peaceful Community.   But we must remain  aware that we represent the smaller half of our population, the larger half  spent their savings on the first  of eight weeks without a salary  and wake up every morning looking for a way to cover their family’s basic needs. 

Authorities have determined June 1st as the date to begin reopening activities with priority to common needs.      This will be a reality in a couple of weeks while we cannot ignore the irrefutable charts below showing Mexico as the country last in line to be affected and not yet having arrived at the peak of infection.  

We must remain alert and cautious.    One assertion that we may all agree on is that “social distancing” has proven to be the best antidote.  

Open space activities like beach, marina, golf will again offer free access except to large groups; construction will resume avoiding public crowded transportation and maintaining distance in the work space;  Restaurants and Shops will be free to open doors according to demand under sanitary measures; hotels may be the last to operate regularly waiting for world tourism to reactivate and will also open by sections following occupancy.   

Optimistic forecast:

Puerto Aventuras will come back to Community life stronger and sooner than we could bet on today.   It will come in a natural balanced process with a constructive and optimistic attitude from us all.              

Stay Healthy

Román Rivera Torres