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Puerto Aventuras October 26, 2020



Same old way …

updated to a new reality

Leaving aside all legal interpretations for a moment may give us a chance to focus on the important things that really make a difference for our better way of life in Puerto.

Based on a reality that brought you to invest with us and the fact that you are still here, we may agree that the original concept was appreciated and liked.   In the following years, combined experience and effort by Developer and Colonos successfully fulfilled our needs and maintained our high standards as a Resort.  This well-established process came to a stop when Developer and Colonos were no longer able to communicate. Not working together meant staying behind on promotion, new infrastructure and attractions no longer fulfilling adequately the growing needs of our Community.   

The list of actions putting on “pause” our growing process could be as long as our unfulfilled preferences : …insufficient parking, separate bicycle trail from vehicles,  addition to main access building,  better lightning on streets, handicap trails and facilities, preventing loss of our beaches,  maintaining Sargasso away,   and so many others.  Next year is the right time to cross out this list with well-coordinated actions.  

Beaches are without doubt our most important asset.  Coordinated actions under a Master Plan would bring back an 80-foot wide beach with coconut palm trees all along our bay as we found it years ago.

Security. A complete overview of everything happening in our Resort through digital cameras and monitors, strategically located.

Two Rowing In Rhythm

Will Take Us To Safe Puerto