POST 146

Puerto Aventuras December 11th , 2020 




A recent attempt for Unity in Puerto Aventuras began with a letter from Colonos to our Governor demanding their rights brought the closest authority on Puerto Aventuras Diputada Lili Campos to offer her participation as mediator to Associations with the presence of their respective Boards of Directors.      

Mr. Marc Pujol underlined the importance of an Association administrating Puerto Aventuras and proposed a new Board of Directors as follows:  

During negotiations in the presence of mediator, a counter proposal for a mixed Board of Directors with participation of members from both Associations was placed by Colonos under the argument of continuity to our process.    

This new proposal between Marc Pujol and Alberto Rivera was received as a win-win proposition for Puerto Aventuras considering the present situation.    

Unforeseen circumstances interrupted communication channels between mediator and both Presidents opening a new channel led by Gerardo Diego behind closed doors with Colonos Board of Directors.     The result of these meetings was a new proposal out of thin air never considering prior negotiations but most important including 7 totally unacceptable new demands .      

This unexpected proposal clearly showed their reluctance to leave the Board in new hands and the desire to be reelected.    The positions between Covenant and Colonos were again pushed as far apart as in the beginning and time before the Assemblies was running short.      

 Two separate Assemblies will take place.    Colonos will propose a continuity of their Board with a few changes : 

Covenant will propose a new Board of Directors as follows:  

Associations will compete to gain affiliations and their continuity as well as the effectiveness of their activities will be in direct proportion to the means to sustain them.    

Covenant hand in hand with Developer will continue guarding our principles on Autonomy, Security, Unity, Privacy, Rules and Regulations while providing all basic services, coordinating government relations and promoting new projects.   

* Our gratitude to Diputada Lili Campos for her very accurate intervention.