Dear Angelo Mouzouropoulos,

In regard to several communications you have been sending to the community regarding  promotion for peace in Puerto I would like to share with you my personal comments knowing that I also speak for my friends in the Board of Directors to Covenant.

It was assumed that I would be present to a meeting for which I never received invitation.  The communication did not consult me on date, time or place it told me where and when to be it  presented limitations to the people I could bring and denied access to Covenant representatives; this by itself in addition to the order of the day read in your communications was more than enough reason to refuse invitation if I had received it. On the other hand the idea of peace is always good and I have always been open to discussing positive ideas.    For this reason I have an idea with a proposal for an invitation to you… in the next few days we may agree on a date, time and place to come together with a previously discussed order of the day and celebrate a reunion.    I am suggesting for this reunion to invite the presence of a high authority in government who is public, notary, lawyer and knowledgeable in concepts related to development and relations with associations.  In his presence we can bring to the table such political, legal and economic doubts or affirmations you may have, bring them to final terms and agree to have them made public by this authority to our community. 

I am sure you will agree that clarifying Puerto Aventuras status in every area will be positive to create certitude and trust in our community.

Expecting to hear from you,

Fideicomiso Puerto Aventuras

Román RiveraTorres