POST 156                                                                                                                     Puerto Aventuras May 7th 2021


According to satellite photographs sargassum is soon to arrive in our area.    Puerto Aventuras has done adequate preparations in time by placing floating barriers between reef and beach to deviate sargassum bringing it back to the current or directing it to a collection area.  

Fatima Bay is totally protected by joint efforts between Condominio Peninsula Chac Hal Al , Developer / Covenant and Condominio Villa del Mar.

Caleta Chac Hal al is also protected by joint effort between owners at Phase 4 and Developer / Covenant.

Rock jettys for contention of our beach damaged by storm last June have been totally rebuild.

By petition of beach front owners, volleyball courts were built in Central Park to replace the ones on beach in residential areas.

Seven hundred cubic meters of white sand have been stored to replace our beach once jettys under construction at Beach Club and Villa del Mar are finished.

Our Beach = Important Asset